PoweR Discs – Olympic  Weight Lifting Technique Technique Discs


PoweR technique weightlifting disc are hollow 1-piece weights that were born out passion, dedication to training and coaching, as well as being deeply rooted in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

These made of out hygienic non-porous plastic, which means they can be used outside & will not soak up any dirt or bodily fluids, have thick 11 mm walls, and most certainly are an eye-candy!

These weight discs have thick bodies, and are especially designed to allow shock absorption to a barbell, as they land onto a training platform; thus prolonging your bar’s lifespan.

These bumper plates will fit all Olympic barbells (metric and Imperial), and come in traditional weightlifting colours.

PoweR are the perfect bumper plates for executing Olympic weightlifting movements (snatch, clean and jerk),  and in Crossfit training.

These are a MUST-have gym equipment items, for fitness, schools gyms, CrossFit gyms, and for physiotherapy rehabilitation purposes.

PoweR discs help with lifting…

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