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PoweR technique weight lifting discs are helping lifters to succeed in training

PoweR discs are strong and durable Olympic weights / bumper plates, which were designed with training performance in mind, perfect for beginner lifters, those who coach lifting, personal trainers, sports clubs, schools, Crossfit clubs, gyms and home gyms.

Using these technique weights, learning lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk, will be easy, as they allow the lifter to adopt a correct stance from the very start, when performing weightlifting skills.

There are two lifts in Olympic weightlifting sport, which are widely practice in Crossfit.

The snatch lift is one of two competitive movements in the Olympic weightlifting. Its is the fastest movement in all sports. Here, the athlete lifts using wide hookgrip, and in one fluid, continuos movement, closely guides the bar from the ground to overhead. It is a very complex lift and pure strength will help very little, without a sound technique.

The clean and jerk ift, is a two-part lift, but classed as one lift. Firstly, the bar is lifted and racked across the clavicle (a shelf for the bar). Secondly, as the bar is pushed up overhead, the lifter is simultaneously gets under it, which demands great technique, balance, strength and most importantly, courage & self-belief.

Each PoweR plate is a one-piece construction and has a 450mm diameter with a 51cm center hole, making them compatible with any competition or training barbell, metric and imperial.

PoweR technique plates allow lifters to learn or perfect their lifting form without any wobble, unike all thin rubber plates.

That is why PoweR discs are a “must-have” technique bumper plates for all trainers and coaches.

PoweR technique plates specifications:

  • Made in UK
  • 100% plastic
  • One-piece construction
  • Technique training plates for: beginners, youth athletes, lifters working on correct lifting form, rehabiliation work
  • Weight options (in KG):  2,5kg; 5kg; 7,5kg.

Video below, demonstrates how indestructible PoweR plastic technique bumper plates are: