Helpful guidance on using PoweR WL technque discs


In order to prolong longevity of the PoweR discs, please read the following do’s and don’ts advice.


  •    PoweR weight lifting technique discs only to be used only on aluminium technique bars (5 or 10 kg). Placing discs on steel bars (15 kg or 20 kg) might damage the PoweR discs and is not covered by the warranty
  •  Always lift on protected flooring, such as a weightlifting platform, where the discs land onto rubber matting
  •  Loaded bars must only be “lowered” in a controlled manner onto a lifting platform and not thrown down (slammed) from overhead (
  •  Regularly wipe down the discs with clean wet cloth, to preserve their colour
  •  Always use collars on the barbells to prevent discs from sliding from while lifting, as it might cause injuries
  •  Always use collars on the bar to prevent movement of the discs while lifting.


  • Never drop any bar on a hard surface, such as concrete, asphalt or the like
  •  Don’t drop disc from overhead position (loaded onto a bar or not); lower them in a controlled manner. After a snatch, clean or jerk, return the bar under control to the platform. That means keep your hands connected to it until it’s fairly close to the floor, and pay attention to it until it’s stopped moving
  • Never leave PoweR discs outside, as rain might damage them
  •  Never stand on discs or use them as lifting blocks
  •  Do not allow the discs to be lying partially on top of something (a fractional weight cast iron plate, rubber bumper plate, or the edge of a platform, for example), as by then, standing on it, discs will have uneven stress areas, in a way that is not meant to be stressed.


Limitation of Liability and Warning


Please be advised, that lifting and weightlifting, might cause injuries. PoweR shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage that may arise from (authorised and unauthorised) use of PoweR weight lifting discs in any lifting training or activity. The use of PoweR technique discs is at your own risk.


Should you like to print this guidance, please click here: Guidance on how to use PoweR WL discs