PoweR 2.5kg Olympic WL technique disc


Technical data:

Material: PVC; Colour: red    

Diameter: 450 mm ; Width: 65 mm

Centre hole: 51 mm (compatible with any Imperial and Metric barbell)

Please add two discs to your CART to receive a pair of discs; unless you are purchasing a sample disc.

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PoweRTM 2,5kg Olympic weight lifting technique disc


PoweR hollow plastic WL discs are one of the best and inexpensive technique bumper plates available in the World. The weight lifting plates are essential for Olympic Weightlifting training (snatch, clean and jerk lifts), Crossfit, and all types of fitness barbell workouts.

POWEЯTM 2,5 kg are weightlifting plates are made to the standard diameter of 450 mm to ensure the bar is at the same height it would be when using heavier rubber bumper plates. Each PoweR disc has a 51 mm centre hole, making them compatible with any competition or training barbell, metric and imperial.

Guaranteed that these plates will not crack or break in half, these are crazy strong!


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 x 45 x 20 cm